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Goodbye Chewy and Hello Demomanhunt!
Posted by The Pledge on Tuesday September 23 2008 @ 10:31

Hey everyone,

Recently our Demoman Chewy announced he was going to play less Team Fortress 2 competitively. Therefore, we are searching for a new Demoman to complete our line-up.

Right now we have about five candidates to fill up that spot, but nothing is sure yet. Until that time, Payard or me will play demoman in official wars, while we are playing with all the trials in pcw's. To have 6 players in our squad for officials though, we had to get another player in our line-up.

Please welcome Ziit, former Trooper and addicted Finnish player to our TF2 squad! He will be a benchplayer, so when Payard or me is not available, he will play. Or, of scourse, when we need 6 player for an official.

Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to Chewy, although I've not played with you a lot. You're a cool guy and I'll see you some other time just to make fun.
Also, Good luck to Ziit here at Hadouken. I hope you have a pleasent stay

That's about it for now. updates about the Demoman spot will come later.

The Pledge

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September news
Posted by pn on Thursday September 04 2008 @ 14:28

Long time no see,

I know you were all waiting for some news about your favorite team, so here comes everything that happened :
- Hadouken is registered to the third season of ETF2L in div 3B. We lost our first match against FOG but this will be our last and only loss (hope so)
- We are registered to ClanBase's OpenCup Fall 2008
- We are registered to ESL's 6on6 ladder waiting for our first match

And the biggest news of this week: we are now FULL, two people joined the team, let's make some noise for: The Pledge and Hocz (respectively scout/sniper and soldier/sniper)

Hadouken begins...

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Some news about hadouken
Posted by pn on Wednesday August 06 2008 @ 17:32


Been a while since last news, some changes have occured, we died a bit but came back because, you know,... WE ROCK !

Looking at the CUP we were registered to (ClanBase SummerCup), we are qualified to the PlayOffs, we'll play against DSCB.
We registered to ETF2L Season3, asking for division 3 (which we will rule, i hope)

Beside that, we are still looking for a :
- mid+ demoman and,
- mid+ soldier or heavy
- should have experience in pcw,
- should speak english
- have to be up at least 4 nights a week (5 at max, we don't play on fridays and saturdays)
- good ex-teams prefered


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Holidays in the sun
Posted by pn on Wednesday July 09 2008 @ 16:40

With the "departure" of some members and the holidays of others, Hadouken will be less active this month.

Still, to be up and ready when we get back, we are looking for:
- 1 mid+ demoman
Of course, english is mandatory for comms and experience in clans is a must

PM Shitfly or h`pn on #hadouken.tf2 on if you think you fit the description,

Cheeeers, mates!

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H! summerplans...
Posted by ShitFly on Friday June 27 2008 @ 11:31

With the school finished and the summer knocking on the door, Hadouken has decided to participate in official leagues and cups between the sunbathing.

First big upcoming event is Clanbase Summercup wich start at 01/07/2008 versus the czech team Cavaliers. Other teams in our poule are the etf2l champion 4kings and the dutch Legion of Legends. We are aiming to proceed to the next round... wish us luck!

Than in August the signup for the etf2l opens. Of course we can't miss the biggest tf2 league and we are determinded to sign up as soon as possible.

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