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Posted by pn on Tuesday March 09 2010 @ 12:00

Hadouken is back, kthxyop

Lineup is:
- Abel (PN)
- Ryu (ShitFly)
- Sagat (DrJustice)
- Rufus (GLP)
- Blanka (Payard)
- Dhalsim (Pikalash)
- Gouki (BuN)
- Zangief (Mitsy)
- Fuerte (KnOxXx)

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Posted by Bash on Thursday November 27 2008 @ 18:03

Hadouken is no more, kthxbye..

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League and Cup over: other things starting!
Posted by The Pledge on Monday October 20 2008 @ 23:17

Hi all,

As of today, we can finally take it more easy. With ESL 6on6, ESL EMS qualifiers, ETF2L, Arena Cup, ClanBase OpenCup, and the Material which is going to start, we had a lot of leagues and cups we were participating in. Today, some of those are dropping out and we can finally think a bit more about other things.

ETF2L Season 3 is over for us. After losing a close match against FakkelBrigade, we had no chance of making the playoffs any more. The last match against jagarna was allright, winning on Pro Granary, but losing at Well. We finished at the medium region of division 3B, which is too bad actually. Now we have to play division 3 again next season, which is too low for Hadouken at this point, especially when improving even more the upcoming weeks.

ClanBase is over for us now as well. After losing against Druidz, former Vale!, we finished third at Group A in the Premier League, which is not enough for making the playoffs. Too bad, but not totally unexpected.

Right now, we're only in the ETF2L Arena Cup and the Material Cup at ESL. That's enough for now, since we are aiming to improve our tactics a lot the upcoming weeks and our teamwork has to be trained as well. That will grab our attention the next weeks and after that, we'll be attending more cups and leagues to show everyone that Hadouken is still alive and pwning!

That was a short update about the scene as it is right now. Visit #hadouken.tf2 to arrange a match with us or just to have a quick chat with me =)

Cya all!
The Pledge

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Demoman and task updates
Posted by The Pledge on Monday September 29 2008 @ 17:59

Hello once again,

After a search which lasted for almost two weeks, we finally found our Demoman to replace Chewy. The guy we found best suitable for the spot is Bash, please welcome him to the squad Thanks to all the other trials who wanted to join Hadouken, good luck at finding another squad (some already did).

With seven players in Hadouken right now, our squad in now complete. We will try to make it into the playoffs on etf2l, but since 4 clans dropped, it's hard to get there right now. Winning against FakkelBrigade will be a good step towards that spot. Wish us some luck

We updated the tasks a little as well. Basically, everything is done by myself from now on, like arranging wars, keeping the site up to date, and stopping shitfly from making lame jokes. Good luck to myself with all my new tasks

Well, that's about it for now. We're preparing for our upcoming matches with Bash now and let's hope we come out on top at the end of the long road.

The Pledge

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Watchtower and Payard's girlfriend
Posted by The Pledge on Friday September 26 2008 @ 08:00


Last night we participated in the 1-Day Cup from ETF2L, to promote a new arena map called Watchtower. We started this cup with 26 teams ready for some 4v4 action, and for us, we weren't ready for this since we have never seen the map before :>

But we did surprisingly well. Against some low skilled team we got to know the map and which classes to and not to use. And after we won that map, we got our first challenge against the arena team of FakkelBrigade. After we got 5-3 down, we managed to win 6-5, reaching the Quarter Finals.
We were going to play Babylon's Arena team in that round, and we completely failed everything during that match. My sniping was teh fail, and their scout did some incredible things, causing our 6-2 loss.
Thanks to all people who participated with me, it was a fun night

The other thing that was of great importance yesterday, was something that had to do with Payard. Because Shitfly was teasing him with his small penis for a long, long time, Payard got a woman to the point where she told us on mumble that Payard's "penis is enormous!"

I understand that's a shock for all of us, but I guess we have to run with it. A big loss for our squad and some of our lame jokes ;p

That's it for now. Demoman spot update will come later.

The Pledge

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